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Feel like the past is following you around?

I specialise in helping clients with symptoms of trauma and complex (childhood) trauma. The symptoms of traumatic anxiety are listed below. Take a look and if any of this describes your current situation, get in touch.

Please remember that suffering from traumatic anxiety is NOT weakness. Sometimes trauma gets stuck in our system and needs a little help to process. Most people think of trauma as a big event like war, rape or a terrorist attack. But any adverse event or series of events can cause a distortion in how we see ourselves and the world and this is the key. We can feel unsafe, out of control and powerless, deficient in some way or responsible for what happened. These feelings get stuck and it’s very hard to shift them without help.

Some symptoms of Trauma


  • Flashbacks to traumatic events

  • Nightmares

  • Hyperarousal (increased anxiety and panic)

  • Hypervigilance (overly aware of potential dangers)

  • Self-medication

  • Anger and irritability

  • Avoidance of certain places and triggers