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What is Performance Psychology?

The ability to respond well psychologically to challenges can be developed and learned (in the same way that we can commit to becoming physically fitter) and is a significant factor in success. Working with a qualified and experienced Performance Psychologist can help you to identify areas for psychological improvement and development.

My clients come from a wide range including elite sportsmen, artists and musicians. Many are working people who want to progress and become more effective in their business and professional lives.

My Approach

My focus is on meeting the needs of each client or team and identifying agreed solutions in an integrated and creative way. I am trained in a number of psychological models and do not have a one- size-fits-all approach. The interventions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual or group and their particular presenting difficulties.

I believe that a client-centered, solution-focused programme is the most effective, respectful and empowering approach to Psychology. A contemporary approach to performance development focuses not just on causes of a client’s difficulties, but also on tool-building to manage current needs and to manage their short- and long-term personal development. Underlying all of this is the focus on the development of a solid, safe relationship between client and Psychologist which evidence suggests is the single most important aspect of effective outcomes.

Clients will undergo an initial assessment, upon which a programme of agreed interventions and development will be built.

I work in the strictest confidence and my commitment is to create a safe space for clients to develop.

Performance Psychology
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