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A new horizon?

What is Psychotherapy?

Research suggests that one in four people will seek help for some form of psychological/emotional problem in their lives. This may be due to depression, anxiety or stressful life events. Psychotherapy can help clients change old patterns of thinking and develop new ways of coping with life’s challenges.

I’m trained in a number of therapeutic models. My approach is like that of a tailor. You’re not getting therapy ‘off the peg’ but a therapy plan specifically suited to your needs. 

Find out more about the types of conditions I can help you with, and how.

My Approach

My focus is on meeting the needs of each client and identifying agreed solutions to current difficulties in an integrative and creative way. I am trained in a number of therapeutic models and I believe that a client-centered approach, focusing on individual needs rather than a particular therapeutic model, is the most effective, respectful and empowering approach to Psychotherapy. A contemporary approach to Psychotherapy focuses not just on the causes of the problems, but also on building tools to manage recovery and personal development. Underlying all of this is the focus on the development of a solid, safe therapeutic relationship.

Clinical Psychotherapy
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